Navigation in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Navigation is always the very first module in any training session that we design for our training delegates. As soon as our students understand how the system is structured, how to get around it and why they are navigating in a certain order, then any training that follows this first subject becomes so much easier to understand. Microsoft CRM is very function rich so any effort to dive into the depths of this functionality without knowing how to get there or indeed how to get back to the home screens will leave the users lost and confused.

We produce training modules for our Clients using both the Vanilla Dynamics solution and also totally bespoke to suit the larger projects that hold a much higher complexity of design. Our materials are not generally open for public download, however we do have an area within our website where we hold materials to help our Dynamics users when on-boarding and learning a new system. We have however, in this instance, made the Navigation module publicly available within this blog just to demonstrate how we write our course-ware and to give new users of Microsoft Dynamics a taste of just how easy navigation is within the product when you understand just how the structure of the system works. To see more of our training modules, please feel free to join our site as a full member and access as many of these modules as required. Please feel free to download the module below and come back to us with any questions that you may have!

Navigation in Microsoft Dynamics - The Full User Module


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