CRM and the GDPR


Introduction to The Course

An overview of GDPR key points in relation to CRM Data

Evaluation of current system and use of CRM Data and GDPR effects


Data Storage and Security

Evaluating where data is stored and data security including on premise and cloud based solutions

Backup of data including password protecting files

Server security and documentation processes

Data locations and security including remote and web data

User profiles, security roles and user profile status

VPN and Remote Access to your data

Data Encryption


Data Portability/Access Requests

How to give data upon request in an easy to read format

Importance of actively storing compliance documentation


What is Personal Data

How much personal data are you storing?

Do you store any sensitive data and why?

Consent to Hold, Store and Use Data

Do you currently have consent to store and use CRM Data

Understanding what consent means to you.

Opting in 

Unambiguous and Explicit consent – the differences


Data Imports and Subscription Data

Import data and source verification

Data duplication rules and their importance

Data import procedures

Working with Duplicate Data and Global Updates

Locating duplicate data

Merging duplicate data

Setting duplicate detection rules

Global updates to data




Advanced Searches and Grouping Data

Building and structuring advanced searches

Using advanced searches to verify data

Using advanced searches in group creation

Group naming conventions

Deletion and management of obsolete groups


System Design Best Practice

Evaluation of current screen design

Recommendations on screen design changes

Creation and placement of fields in layouts

Removing obsolete fields 

Field Level Security

Different Forms and Layouts

Global Replacement and Obsolete Data

When to use global replacement functionality

Mass deletion of obsolete data

Archiving Data

Working with Marketing Data

Handling marketing lists effectively including GDPR rules

Documenting marketing data locations including third party lists

Handling suppression lists unsubscribe data and subscription rules



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