What we do!


Our team of consultants have over 30 years experience working in the CRM industry and have expert consultants and trainers working with four of the leading software solutions: Swiftpage ACT! CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, and Zoho CRM.  If you are thinking about implementing Customer Relationship Management into your own company, there are five main areas to take into consideration.  We have broken them down into simple categories, that are easy to identify and understand.  Each area should be carefully considered before any solution is iintroduced into your business.


System RequirementsWhether you are implementing CRM as a Cloud based solution, or across an Internal network it needs careful thought and planning.  We provide clear and easy to understand advice based on your specific technical requirements.  We check your entire technical structure end to end and devise a strategic plan for implementation, taking into consideration all the platforms that will be utilised when the project goes live.

Project Management and Design and Build:  We listen to your business requirements and work on the best implementation processes creating a bespoke project plan.  We will take into account the core functionality that your business processes need, and then design and build a unique solution.  This involves incorporating any unique customisations that might be required within your design.  We then develop any required workflow processes and write any code needed to make the CRM journey as seamless as possible for your users.  Finally, we document the entire build of the solution according to your bespoke implementation.


Testing:  Our specialist team will test the system post go-live and then mentor your CRM Implementation Team to ensure the solution that we build fits all requirements specified.  We use a structured approach to UAT testing and ensure that every detail of the project scope is checked thoroughly and that all required functionality documented in the functional consultancy stages are working correctly.  Before Go Live and Pilot we carry out a User Acceptance Testing phase with key system users. This results in a seamless transition and engages users prior to Go Live, giving them confidence to progress with the system. 

Specialist Training:  We always train to the highest industry standards. Most importantly we build our training around your bespoke CRM program and the requirements of its users.  Our trainers are accredited and extensively experienced, and all have spent years working with a variety of  different types of CRM users, ranging from Telesales Specialists and Field Sales Personnel through to Senior Management Teams and Chief Executives.  Bespoke course ware can be created on request and tailored around your solution as part of the project.  All our course ware bespoke and generic is written in house by our training team.


Post Implementation Support:  We are always there to provide post implementation support, all of our projects are unique and we fully document the system design during the project before passing it through to both our own, and your on-site support team.  We care - from the start of your implementation through to the first day that your users log in to CRM, we ensure that we are there on stand by for any questions or issues that you may have.


Marketing: Would you like to go a step further and use your CRM system for Marketing?  We are also accredited to consult, teach and help you use various E-marketing software products including: ClickDimensions, Swiftpage Emarketing, Mail Chimp and Dot Mailer.  We ensure that any integration needed between the marketing platform and your CRM system work as neatly and effectively as possible.