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It is of utmost importance that your data remains clean, tidy and most of all highly usable. Data that is out of date, in the wrong format, in the wrong fields and missing from a field, can dramatically affect functionality within act! Lookup data, Reporting Data, Mailing Data can all be negatively affected by “dirty data”. Users can frequently get misguided, reluctant to use act! and messy data is the number one reason that our act! User’s actually stop using the system mostly through sheer frustration.

If you are using act! data for mailing campaigns; and in particular using emarketing platforms that check your data quality, then the data that you output to these systems can dramatically effect some key considerations. Cost per send - if you are passing data to your mailing client that is untargeted, out of date, containing invalid addresses for example, at best your costs will rise, but at worst you will get banned for using non qualified data.

This help sheet looks at global replacement of data and how it works. Edit replace as the function is named can only be used for a one value sweep across a field, and must be used with care.

To read our full instructions on how to use Edit Replace in act! download our help sheet and please feel free to leave any comments related to the subject.

To download the edit replace help sheet simply click the following link: act! helpsheets

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