Preparing Data For Import


When setting up an ACT! system, a lot of thought goes into the design of the database itself. This includes elements such as, the fields required and the format of their values, how users actually feed data into the system, and how data will be sectioned and grouped. Planning like this does then rusult in the creation of a very tidy workable database with quality manually input data. But then you find that you need to import data from excel that is not always ready

Data Imports especially from various sources and held in excel spreadsheets are not always thought out and prepared in as much depth as the actual system design or how it will be used. And, they really should be! One of our highest volume support queries is data importing from Excel, sometimes these are questions about how it should be done. Sadly more often than not it is unfortunately more a question of "I have imported data and it went wrong" or "my data just will not go in correctly" or "my database is a mess now I have imported new data"

I have written this latest helpsheet title Preparing Data For Import to help you actually get your data ready. The more preparation you carry out in excel, the more simple the process is when you get to the point of carrying out the import itself. The document covers topics such as concatenation, propercasing, de-duping, formatting and general good practice methodology.

To download the edit replace help sheet simply click the following link: act! helpsheets

#propercasing #concatenateexceldata

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