Understanding ACT! Preference Settings

ACT! Preference Settings help sheet

How often do you check the Preference Settings of your ACT! database to see if they are correct. Is the database not behaving as you expect, are you going the long way round to find a function it could default to in a certain way? Or are you just unsure how to set Preferences. This blog explains more about a very important area of your database.


It is of utmost importance that when using any CRM system that not only are your users entering data consistently, but also that they are using the functionality within the system just as consistently too!

Whenever I deliver training and ask delegates "what is the most important rule when using CRM" the answer always comes back the data "rubbish in rubbish out" But this is really not the only challenge. Ensuring that users log into the system and use functionality consistently is also of utmost importance.

Companies spend time creating bespoke layout files with key fields designed into them, and if the system does not default to display these tailored forms then a user may not enter important and relevant data, simply because they do not see the fields to enter the values into.

ACT! opens on a default screen too, on numerous occasions I have seen users click around to get to the screen that they need. Setting the default log in screen for all users of a database gives a much better user experience.

Email integration is one of the key features in ACT! but it is pointless one user attaching emails using one setting and another user performing a completely different setting to complete this action. Setting the default options the same for each user will always ensure that the audit trail of email data is consistent throughout your business later.

These are just three prime examples of how an ACT! administrator can ensure that system usage is consistent AND the user experience is as seemless as possible. With this in mind our latest help sheet covers how to set the key default settings within ACT! using our experience and bespoke. Download our help sheet on setting database preferences here:

Setting Preferences in ACT!

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