Group data in ACT! and make sure your marketing data is always on target!

If you want to be absolutely sure your marketing efforts are hitting the right contacts in your database every time you generate a campaign, then make sure your target data is well structured and grouped before you even contemplate using the send button!

"One of the most powerful functions in ACT! is the ability to create groups, not just static groups but self populating dynamic groups too"

There is absolutely no point in scatter gun mailing, sending out a huge mail shot to a badly organised or carelessly put together list of contacts. Do this and you simply will not get the result that you are looking for when reporting on your campaign later. We have listed below some of the key reasons that you should use targeted data sets, and why if you throw a mailshot out to a mass list at once they may never receive or respond to your marketing efforts - no matter how hard you worked on the content.

  • Sending out of hours: Think about international contacts they are asleep or at home while you are working your own office hours and executing your exciting campaign. How many marketing mailers do you open and read whilst you are asleep or spending time with your family. I know in my case the answer is a definitive none!

  • About the wrong product: Collect all customers buying the same product as a Lookup in your CRM software and work them effectively using groups. Never mail a client about a product you upgraded them from, you would never sell a client a new car then send them a mailer bleating about how good their old one is remember its the old one you upsold them away from!

  • Introductory mailer to existing clients: Never send an email introducing your company to someone who has already bought from you, these mailers look so impersonal and scream I don't know my client base. Save them for your new leads and prospects who have never heard about you!

  • Non industry/product specific - no point sending a mailer about a product a contact will never use, even though they may purchase a completely different product from you. Many contacts will unsubscribe if they think they have no interest in what you sell. Lose them and you lose the ability to market another product to them , a product that they may be very keen to look at in the futue. As soon as they unsubscribe you cannot target them again!

We have tried to give four key points but there are numerous others. Our main point is make sure your target data is specific, relevant and controlled. The most simplistic way of creating target data sets especially ones controlled by field values in CRM is to use groups effectively, and wherever possible dynamic groups.

The festive season is almost upon us, do not be deceived into thinking you can blanket mail rather than target mail just at this time of year. If your target data is wrong and your message even though it is a festive message is off key, then your unsubscribe rates will soar. Stick with the plan and like any other time of year forward plan, target and group your data so that your mailer stays relevant.

We have put together a help sheet on how to create, manage and use groups in ACT! helping you to use structured groups to generate all your campaigns all year round, we do, think this helpsheet is particularly helpful in the run up to Christmas when you are generating email messages with your season greetings, or nicely printed labels for your Christmas cards. Download your helpsheet here and please contact us if you need any further help when using our literature:

Working with Groups in ACT!

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