Train The Trainer


Introduction to The Course

Talk through on best routes of delivering  training 

An overview of processes to be delivered to the delegates


Training Course Prerequisites

Ensuring the training environment is delegate ready Delegate placement in the classroom

Equipment, accessibility and training material checks

Special provisions to meet environmental challenges


The Training Day

Tips on trainer dress code and etiquette

Breaks and timings

Safety and fire rules

Preparation of training materials

(training material, exercise, feedback, training plan)


Know Your Audience

Maintaining class pace

Reading delegate body language

Dealing with delegate personality types

Dealing with questions, objections and company politics 

Dealing with potential disruption hazards correctly






Training Day Structures and Topics

Structure of training and navigation tips

How to present bespoke procedures

Which topics to teach (dependent on roles assigned)

Timings and timing checks


Course Paperwork

Using checklists and delegate sign ins 

Training material and when to use it

Delegate feedback forms and etiquette

Constructing management team feedback


Core Business Process Presentation(s)

Understanding of processes to be delivered Understanding of how to deliver new processes 

Group Discussion of Training Methodologies

Success criteria an overview from the course

Training roll-out plan 

Training plans with timings





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