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Our background with ACT!

We have worked with the ACT! Software since way back in the days of DOS, and will raise a glass to any ACT! evangelist who would like to discuss our core product, our first CRM baby.  We have watched the progression of ACT! from that clever piece of software in DOS that grew to being one of the most popular entry level Customer Relationship Management solutions in the popular CRM market that we see today. 

Yes, ACT! has come a long way, and so have we! 28 years later and we are still providing technical help, carrying out installations and configuration of the software and of course teaching and supporting all versions of this popular product.

What are we doing now?

We can provide support and training services for ACT! all over the world. As the saying goes have car will travel - so do we, by car, train and plane to wherever we are needed.  We can however provide remote assistance too, we dial in wherever you are and support your ACT! system and offer both annual and pay as you go support contracts Remote training is more difficult to deliver, it is far more intensive for our delegates, we therefore run shorter sharper remote sessions covering less topics at a time but keeping the cost of this service effective and efficient.

Looking for ACT! Emarketing?

Swiftpage e-marketing is integrated directly into the ACT! software and yes we consult and train on this product too! From importing and setting up data, designing your database so that you can effectively create marketing lists, and designing your professional and eye catching templates we can help set everything up  Even through to pushing the final send button and then collating your campaign reports, we can help you all the way as we are accredited in this product too. Why not mix and match some ACT! and e-marketing training or consultancy together, we don't deliver generic courses we tailor them specifically to your own needs.

Looking to buy the software?

Selling boxes of software is not our main focus, we do however have a selection of software re-sellers who we can contact to ensure that you get the best pricing structure for your proect.  Why don't we sell software? We actually pride ourselves on cost effective and super efficient service delivery, and we can achieve this because we have no pressures to meet heavy software sales targets set by our suppliers. You will never find us hard selling any product to hit software sales targets as we simply don't need them. But, if you are looking to purchase the software and want independent professional advice either before or after you decide to buy then either email or call us directly to talk to one of our team because we are always happy to advise before you make a commitment to any licensing purchase.

Clare Struggles - Director