The Super User


Accounts Contacts and Leads

  • Have a full understanding of business rules on data entry

  • Have a superior knowledge on field behaviour and triggers

  • Understand Parent and Child Account relationships and have the confidence to explain and build

  • Have a sound knowledge of the Lead Qualification and Disqualification process



  • Have an in-depth understanding of how the Opportunity process works in each part of the workflow ribbon


Views and Charts

  • Creating new views to an advanced level including cross -entity

  • Creating Charts within different entities

  • Creating new Dashboards for specific users

  • Assigning and Sharing chart and view data


Outlook Integration

  • Understanding how to configure the Outlook Add in

  • Understanding Outlook settings and the way they are used

  • Understanding preferences in the Opportunities sync



  • Using report filters to maximise report output

  • Running custom reports





Trainers Note


*This is the light version of the Super User Course, additional modules will be created that are designed and documented around any new processes and entities that have been designed specifically for the project.

It is also important to note that as an additional service Olivia Clare Limited also create bespoke courseware to complement our courses.





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