Administrator Training


Setting User and System Options

  • Setting individual user options

  • An overview of system settings


Data Management

  • Exporting of data to Excel

  • Importing data into CRM

  • Duplicate checking and duplicate check criteria

  • Deduplication of data

  • Cleansing of data including data merge

  • Global updates to data

  • Enforcing data entry standards

  • Reassigning and Sharing records


Advanced Searching, Views and Charts

  • Creating a basic advanced find

  • Creating a comprehensive advanced find

  • Creating saved personal and system views

  • Creating personal and system charts

  • Creating personal and system dashboards

  • Sharing and assigning views, charts and dashboards to users and teams



  • Editing existing fields

  • Creating new fields

  • Customising forms and views






Business Process Customisation

  • Editing and creating workflows

  • Editing and creating dialogues

  • Editing and creating Business Flows and Actions



  • Working with basic reports

  • Creating new reports using the reporting wizard


Outlook Set up and Integration

  • Installing and setting up Outlook integration

  • Outlook preferences explained

Bespoke Modules

We have outlined the most popular Administrator topics however this course is completely tailored to suit the requirements of the delegates and additional topics may be added.





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