ACT! Super User Training

Super User Training



Every Company implementing a CRM Solution should undoubtedly also have Super Users that support it. Being a "Super User" is not just about knowing the ACT! software to a more technical level, it is also about having an in depth knowledge of the Business Processes that drive the CRM system too.  


The way we run our Super User courses is split into two sectors, some clients need one or the other whilst some need a combination of both:



Business Process training for Super Users


To deliver this type of training our Trainers spend time learning the business process of the client and its relationship with ACT!  and then deliver this information as a bespoke piece of training to each relevant department.  It is easier for us to learn and apply this training as we already understand the structure and functionality of the system itself and in most cases, we have actually built the workflows and business processes.  It is much harder for a new user who is also learning about ACT! at the same time to deliver this training as effectively.



Modular Training


We also provide modular training that may not be covered in the basic or admin training as it falls somewhere in between.  In some situations we may also have users that are not required to have the full functionality of an Admin user but do still need to carry out functionality such as data merge, de-duplication or imports of new data to name a few examples.  We have outlined some of the more advanced Super User functionality below, but it is impossible to create a set course on this module as every company had a different requirement.  We do however build a bespoke and tailored course for anyone looking to train their Super Users.


Super User Topics
  • Global Updates to Data

  • De-Duplication of Records

  • Merging Data

  • Import and Export of Data

  • Advanced Lookups

  • Advanced Groups

  • Dashboard Creation

  • Report Creation

  • Advanced Scheduling

  • Advanced Opportunity Management

  • Smart Tasks

  • Web Links and Configuration

  • Outlook Integration and Set up

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