Data Preparation Consultancy

When implementing the ClickDimensions solution it is important that any data used in future campaigns is valid, clean. If a previous marketing platform has been used, it is of the utmost importance that any existing unsubscribe data has been imported into the Microsoft Dynamics solution.

Design and Build Templates

If marketing your data is going to be successful it is important that templates are created, not only for mail campaigns but also for any automated campaigns are created such as nurturing programs.

Configuration and Set up

The configuration of ClickDimensions has to be carefully considered.  Your Microsoft CRM environment should be checked backed up and the import of the ClickDimensions solution should be authorised by your CRM support team before the installation commences.  In addition the CNames that will be used to link to your web pages and email campaigns need to be set up too.  We work closely with ClickDimensions to ensure a smooth install and provide training through the entire set up process.

Bespoke Training

We provide bespoke training designed to fit your specific marketing requirements and ensure that any marketing user accessing the system fully understands both the functionaility within ClickDimensions and also the data that they will be accessing to successfully execute any campaigns.  We also teach the users about the use of Web Forms and how the data behaves once it arrives in the live database.

Training Documentation


We can provide training documentation to compliment the training delivered on request.  However this may not be required as ClickDimensions have such a strong Training Academy holding a wealth of information within its own right.


We can supply immediate support on "how to" questions but the product is purchased with support as part of the package. The ClickDimensions support team are renowned for their excellent customer support.