Introductory Training


Introduction to ACT!

System Overview

Logging In and User Roles

Overview of the main ACT! Screens

Tab View and Usage Best Practice

User Disciplines and Data Entry Rules

Creating New Contact Records

Creating Duplicate Records

Deleting Contact Records

Working with Secondary Contacts


Working with Companies

Understanding Company Records

Linking New Contacts to Companies

Linking Existing Contacts to Companies

Working with Divisions

Updating Company and Contact Information when Linked

Unlinking Contacts and Companies

Company Tab Views


Searching For Contacts

Best Practice Searches

Alternative Searches

Searching on Keywords and Multiple Criteria

Working with the List View Options


Working With Groups

Creating Basic Groups

Working with Groups and Group Membership

Groups Best Practice

Group Reporting



Correspondence & Email Integration

Using Standard Letters

Creating Standard Templates

Mail Merge

Working with Emails The Options

Using saved Email Templates

Running an Email Merge


Activity Scheduling

Scheduling Activities

Scheduling For Other Users

Using The Task List Effectively

Recording History Items

Using The ACT! Calendars

Integrating ACT! and Outlook Calendars


Sales Opportunities

Creating and Managing Sales Opportunities

Filtering Opportunity Lists

Dashboard Views

Opportunity Reports



Working with ACT! Reports

Reporting in Excel

Creating Labels and Envelopes


Web Views

Understanding Web Views

Using Links to the Internet


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