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Set Up and Configuration

Our trainers have the technical knowledge to teach and assist in the set up of the Click Dimensions environment within your own CRM project. We teach and assist in how integration works, where and how to use CNames and cover best practice methods of configuring the integration before we commence with any functionality training.


Email Marketing Templates

If you are looking at Emarketing using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ClickDimensions is the ultimate tool to gain maximum impact when marketing to your Lead, Account and Contact data. With ClickDimensions high quality, professional and effective marketing templates can be easily created and distributed to your Dynamics CRM Marketing Lists. Our E-Marketing courses are tailored specifically to the level of the users on the training course. We start with the basics of template creation, and run through to the more technical aspects of template creation such as entering freemarker text to personalise emails and enter conditional statements and Split-testing of emails before a campaign is activated.

Reporting and Data Analysis Results (Emarketing)

After an Emarketing Campaign has been generated, ClickDimensions users are able to analyse and report on the valuable results of any marketing campaign. Opens, click-throughs and highly valuable statistical reports can be generated through ClickDimensions.  These reports contain crucial information to aid the CRM Marketer in the planning of future marketing activity.  During our courses we explain lead grading and scoring processes, showing how to get the best results from the statistics and reports available.  

Web Intelligence including Web Forms, Surveys and Landing Pages

Form building and data capture using Web Forms, Surveys and Landing pages is not only a valuable way of capturing data but it also gives any marketing team access to a seamless, quick and effective method  of capturing quality data that is integrated directly back into CRM. Our trainers explain the process of how to best manage data capture through web forms, surveys and landing pages effectively according to the environment that the marketeers wish to collate and analyse the data within.

Campaign Automation or Nurture Programs

Create dynamic paths for CRM Lead and Contact data to follow. Campaign Automation allows the user to build a comprehensive automated workflow of events and activities including elements such as automatic generation of emails, follow up activities, surveys with positive and negative reactive paths.  This functionality takes marketing automation to the next level and our trainers are well versed in the delivery of training this more advanced level of automating CRM Data in a campaign automation process.

SMS Text and Social Marketing Processes

This area of training looks at Text Marketing set up and best practice procedures and how to automate text marketing campaigns directly from your Contact and Lead Data. We then look at exactly how to report on results generated from this type of campaign.


From social posting to social sharing to social discovery, ClickDimensions helps you tap into the power of social media – right from within Dynamics 365! These tools help make social an integrated part of your marketing, sales and customer service initiatives. Our trainers cover a full module on how this method of marketing can work within your own system and again cover best practice terminology.