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Functional Consultancy and Project Management


In most cases when a company begin either a new implementation of Sage CRM or start to plan an upgrade of an existing system, the first thing that they look for is a Functional Consultant.  Our team of Functional Consultants and Project Managers are experts in assessing the specific requirements of a project, before documenting them and building them into a full design and project plan ready for sign off. Not every site has this requirement but if you are unsure about planning a project before you begin implementation then please do not hesitate to contact us first with any questions.

Design and Build


Once the design overview is complete,  the Functional Consultant will start to work with the System Design before consulting with the CRM developers to assess any customisations and workflow processes within the project that may require development. This process is normally tracked and documented in-line with the Project Manager running the main project plan. The team also take into account any integration required with the Sage Accounting platform and ensure that all synchronisation of data will work effectively in-line with the design.


Installation and Data Import


Our experienced technical team are experts when a CRM sytem is ready for installation and configuration. The full installation process is documented with the clients own internal technical team.  Importing of data from other software products such as other CRM systems or even spreadsheets and  earlier versions of Sage CRM can also prove tricky but again our technical team have a wide knowledge of working with data to ensure that the import process is accurate and goes smoothly. In addition many of our clients look to use the Sage Connector allowing them to link their CRM and Sage Accounting systems together. Our technicians are experts in this integration and are always more than happy to set up and document this process.


User Acceptance Testing


Next in the process are the User Acceptance Testers, this team run test scripts as part of the project, ensuring the system build is following the correct behavior outlined in the Functional Consultants documentation.  At the same time, the UAT Team are constantly double checking that the system stays in line with the requirements written in the original user stories used in the design of the program.


Bespoke Training


Absolutely all the Sage CRM training that we deliver for our clients is bespoke.  We tailor our training solutions to completely fit the requirements of the business and the CRM users, keeping it consistent with the work of the Functional Consultant.  We work out training plans to establish that the courses are specific to the future users.  Finally,  we make sure that internal Super Users are fully trained to continue the education of the end users once the project completes.


Company size does not matter to us and we deliver training projects to any scale, from larger blue chip environments through to much smaller sites just starting out on a Sage CRM journey.  Training can be delivered as a longer term project for new CRM users, refresher delivery on an existing solution or in advance of purchasing the software as more of a consultancy service.


Training Documentation


We also build tailored training materials in line with project requirements, from full comprehensive manuals and video's through to on screen capture presentations to assist the users in the onboarding process.  Our training materials are always created according to a companies own unique solution and specific requirements. We also write tailored exercises to compliment both the training courses and materials that we deliver.




At the end of the project, we fully document the solution that has been delivered and hand this final summary document to both the client and the support team who will look after the project from the moment the project reaches go live.