Sugar CRM Introductory Training


Introduction to Sugar CRM

  • Log in and system access types (laptop, tablet, phone)

  • Overview of default dashboards or module at point of log in


  • Setting personal user options

  • Using the main navigation bar

  • Orientation of Dashlets (including drill to data)

  • Overview of the key CRM modules (bespoke to client)

  • Navigating around records including (sub panels)

  • Viewing and editing data in the intelligent panes


Searching the program

  • Using the global search functionality

  • Activating a view to work with data

  • Basic search functionality

  • Creating and saving custom filters

  • Changing view columns

  • Working with tagging and making bulk changes to data

  • Exporting view data to excel (if required)


Entering New Account and Contact Data

  • Entering new Account and Contact data including data entry rules

  • Using recently viewed records to locate data

  • Working with sub-panel data and changing sub-panel orders







"Swiftpage ACT! Resellers, CRM Consultants and Trainers"


Entering New Lead Data and Conversion Process

  • Working with the principles of Lead data

  • Entering new Lead data

  • The Lead qualification/disqualification process


Additional Sugar Functionality

  • Working with Favourites

  • Following Records

  • Entering supplemental data


Activity Scheduling

  • Scheduling Calls Incoming, Outbound and Future

  • Scheduling and working with Tasks

  • Locating scheduled activity using the dashboard activity list views

  • Scheduling Meetings and Outlook diary integration


Outlook Integration

  • Synchronising outlook data with Sugar CRM

Reporting in Sugar

  • Working with standard reports

  • Creating personal dashboards and dashlets

*   Note:  If additional modules and business process has been built around the solution then additional topics will be structured into this course to ensure that they are fully covered in the training.