ACT! CRM Training Modules


Our ACT! Training courses are available on absolutely any version of the product, if you are at all unsure of the course requirements then please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are always more than happy to discuss the learning path you wish to take in detail. Below we have given an outline of our three main courses but we don't stop there! Fancy a pick and mix? then take a look at our course outlines and let us know your wobbly user areas.  We can then build a bespoke course to fit your exact requirements.




Available for either New Users of the ACT! System or for existing users who have never really had any formal training.  This is our fundamental training course that every new ACT! User should attent -it teaches the basic concepts of using the software.


We start by introducing you to the product itself, explaining what both ACT and CRM are, and how the software actually works.


Getting comfortable comes next. We introduce you to all the main areas of ACT! show you how to navigate effectively and get you relaxed in the driving seat.


Then come the meaty bits, we show you how to create contacts, find them again, group them together and really get you into interrogating your data.  Activity scheduling, diary entries, sales pipelines and reporting are also all part of this training course.


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System Administrator training is not for your IT Department although we can provide this training on request!.  It is a training course designed for the users delegated to maintain the system on a day to day basis.


This course looks at topics such as preperation of data for import, importing the data itself, global updates to existing data and movement of data between fields.


We also look at topics like the correct way to create User Records, handling issues such as User Accounts that are redundant and movement of both Users  and data between different databases.


Next we get our designer skills on the go and look at all elements of screen design from building new ACT! fields, setting up field types and styles and then move through to drawing them into your layouts.


Reporting is a very important element for many companies so we also take a look into the creation of custom reports too.





We haven't written a course outline for this type of training.  ACT! Power Users are not quite administrators of the system but they do need  a deeper level of knowledge to carry out their day to day tasks.  It is far better then that we have an in-depth chat about what the delegates in training need to do with the CRM system, look at their current knowledge and then build a suitable course.  Similar to a bespoke course but topics will come from some of the more advanced functionality within the system:


Report Writing

Multiple Call Scheduling/Clearing

Global Replacement

Use of Smart Tasks

Advanced Searches

Advanced Groups

Setting Up Web Links

Working Effectively with Web Links

Advanced Opportunity Reporting


These are just a few of the topics we can cover.  For further information on this course please contact us directly.  We are always more than happy to discuss your requirements and build a power user course tailored for you.



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